The history of the company

The company of Golrang Farsh-e- Bidgol was established and initiated in 1996 by the Director Mr. Mohammad Pamili Bidgoli with the aim of national production and protecting the internal work force and native employment

Relying on the skillful human force, this company has specified its criterion as improving the quality of the national production and has played an important role in the gross national production and non-oil exports of the country by controlling the world markets. One of the export experiences of this company is exporting the machine carpet and textile products which is worth 15 to 20 million dollars annually. The company of Golrang Farsh-e- Bidgol has received four international standard marks including ISO 14001/ 2004, ISO 9001/ 2008 and ISO IMS 9001/ 2008 from the URS-Ukas company of England in February, 2010 to preserve and improve the culture of production. It received Iran Standard Application License in 24 June 2014 with the license number of 6331452912 to the same reason

It succeeded to receive Europe Standard License CE in 21 September, 2014 to improve the quality level of the products. All of the products of this company have manufactured under the direct supervision and license of Europe Standard and The Standard Office and Iran industrial researches and entered the consumption markets. Quality control unit of QC circuit having the most equipped machinery, the technical knowledge and the world’s modern methods in the textile laboratory textile always supervises the products of this company and the entrance of its high quality products to the world’s national and international markets

With the modern and developed machinery of the valid companies such as VAN DE WIELE from Belgium and Germany and SCHONHERR from Germany, the company of Golrang Farsh-e- Bidgol can produce high quality and unique products with the brand of Payar

Payar Carpet, the manufacturer of 700 reed, 10 color carpet with the density of 2550 and 1050 reed carpet with the density of 3000, will be honored to produce the 1200 reed carpet with the density of 3600 in 2014. This company supplies the national products under the brand of Payar and the export products under the brand of Eatemad to the world market. Customer orientation and respecting the consumer rights are the main aims of the director and personnel of this company. 300 people work in this company at the present moment

Some of its honor in export includes receiving titles such as the typical exporter in the province of Isfahan in 2011-2013 and 2014, the prominent exporter in 2009 and the admirable exporter in 2011

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